How We Make Our Products Step by Step


Following the pattern for the given sample, the kettle chain is cut into the necessary parts and the glass stones are manually placed in the brass kettles.

Luxury Czech Jewelry - Preparation of stones for production

Luxury Czech Jewelry - Preparation of stones for production


Luxury Czech Jewelry - Preparation of the manufacturing passte

Luxury Czech Jewelry - Preparation of the manufacturing passte

A special molding substance that is plastic and must not dry out is spread and smoothed into a stainless steel plate. Its purpose is to ensure the most effective removal of heat from the product.


The largest possible number of pieces is pressed into the prepared plate with the molding substance.
The cut pieces of the rhinestone chain and the stones in the cauldrons are placed in the decals with tweezers. The stones are directed into the molding substance and the brass cauldrons are soldered together.

Luxury Czech Jewelry - Embossing of products into the mesh material

Luxury Czech Jewelry - Placing stones into decals in the passte


Luxury Czech Jewelry - Oxygen-hydrogen developer for soldering stones

Luxury Czech Jewelry - Detail of the nozzle of the solder gun

An oxy-hydrogen generator is used for soldering. It is an electrical device that hydrolyzes water into oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen is a flammable gas and, when mixed with oxygen, produces a very hot flame.
Injection needles are used as nozzles of the gun, which achieves a very fine flame.


First, the area around the solder joint is heated, then a soldering wire is placed on the heated joint and heated again. The solder is heated until it completely melts and fills the capillary at the joint.
To create a reliable and solid connection, the surroundings of the soldered connection must be sufficiently heated. However, warming up must only take place for the necessary time. The ability to correctly estimate this time is a key condition for achieving an optimal result.

Luxury Czech Jewelry - Soldering of products


Luxury Czech Jewelry - Products cleaned by ultrasound

After soldering, the products are first allowed to cool. They are then removed from the mass, cleaned in an ultrasound and dried with warm air. The back is ground and polished with a soft brass disc.